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Conditions for the success of active offer

img dossier offre activeInitiatives for creating a climate in which people feel comfortable using the official language of their choice and a setting where it is visible, available and easily accessible. The objectives are:
  • Intensifying collaboration and connections between communities, health authorities and service providers to increase active offer in French across the continuum of health services.
  • Updating the awareness of communities’ priority needs in health and identifying the challenges and conditions that favour the offer of services that suits Francophone communities’ needs.
  • Promoting the offer of health services in French, developing/updating tools for informing the communities about the health services available, how to access them and the importance of requesting them.
Key issues are Société and the network priorities as part of the Destination santé 2018 programming. These issues have great potential to affect the structure of heath in French (access, quality, wellness) and are the best ways of achieving our overall strategic outcomes.